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I have been using Try Millet's products for the past few months and I am very impressed. Their millet cookies are so tasty and satisfying, they have become my go-to snack. I love that they use healthy ingredients like millets which provide nutrients like protein, fibre, and minerals. The premixes are so convenient, I just add vegetables or paneer and make a nutritious millet meal in minutes. Try Millet makes eating healthy easy and delicious. I would highly recommend their products to anyone looking to incorporate more millet into their diet.
Rohan Verma
As someone who follows a largely vegetarian diet, I was looking for healthy and tasty snack options when I came across Try Millet. Their range of millet-based cookies, crackers and premixes are delicious! I especially love the unique flavours like ragi choco chip cookies and barnyard millet peas pulao premix. The products are thoughtfully made with various millet grains making them naturally gluten-free and high in protein. They have become a pantry staple for me. If you are looking for an easy way to add more millets to your meals, you must give Try Millet a try!
Priya Sharma
I have been using Try Millet's instant mixes to make quick, nutritious meals for my family. Their premixes, like ragi upma, jowar biryani and bajra khichdi, are so tasty and convenient. I just have to add a few veggies and it's ready in 15 minutes! My kids love the millet cookies too, the ragi oats variants are their favorite. I love that Try Millet makes traditional millet recipes accessible on busy weeknights. Their products have become a hit in my home. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for wholesome, delicious millet-based foods.
Rahul Desai
As a health-conscious person, I am always looking for ways to incorporate healthy grains like millets into my diet. With Try Millet, it has become super easy. Their products like millet energy bars, multigrain cookies and instant dosa mixes are staples in my pantry. Whenever I feel like grabbing something quick for breakfast or snacktime, I reach for Try Millet. Their energy bars with ragi, jowar and bajra give me sustained energy through the day. And the millet cookies are super tasty treats when I have a sweet craving. I love that Try Millet makes it so easy to get wholesome millet nutrition. I highly recommend trying their products.
Anjali Nair
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the products from Try Millet. Being a fitness enthusiast, I am always looking for healthier versions of everyday foods. Their baked crackers, multigrain energy bars and instant upma mixes are great alternatives with the goodness of millets. The unique flavours and use of millets like jowar, bajra and ragi in their products made them tasty and nutritious. They have become my go-to snacks before and after workouts. I appreciate Try Millet's effort to make millet-based foods more accessible. Do give their products a try, you won't be disappointed
Sanjay Gupta
As someone who is conscious about eating healthy, I have been loving Try Millet's range of millet-based products. Their instant mixes make it so easy to whip up millet meals any time. I've made ragi dosa and bajra khichdi using their mixes and my family loved it too. Their millet cookies in flavors like ragi cranberry are delicious snacks. I feel good giving their products made from wholesome ingredients to my kids. Try Millet has shown me how easy and tasty it can be to add multi-millets to my diet. Their products get a thumbs up from me and I recommend trying them
Meera Iyer
I have been impressed with Try Millet's innovative millet-based products. As someone who tries to eat healthy, I find their mixes, cookies and bars made with the goodness of millets to be delicious snacking options. The jowar vegetable upma mix has become my go-to for a quick weeknight dinner. Their millet cookies are wonderful treats when I have a sweet craving. And the millet energy bars are a handy snack when I'm on the go. Try Millet makes nutritious eating delicious. I would recommend their products to anyone looking for tasty, wholesome foods made with the nutrition of multi-millets
Rajesh Menon